Thursday, January 11, 2024

om ajñana- timirandhasya jñanañjana-salakaya caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah Yo ’jñāna-mattaṁ bhuvanaṁ dayālur ullāghayann apy akarot pramattam sva-prema-sampat- sudhayādbhutehaṁ śrī-kṛṣṇa-caitanyam amuṁ prapadye आपन्न: संसृतिं घोरां यन्नाम विवशो गृणन् । तत: सद्यो विमुच्येत यद्ब‍िभेति स्वयं भयम् ॥ १४

Closeted homosexual White Supremacist military men  of science and their White Supremacist Intelligence community are absolutely sure that they are a superior race and have taught and supported the other military regimes that they manage such as the African military regime, the Central American military regime, South America Military regime, the Asian military regime, European military regime,  and the rest of the military scientists to continue the development of biological warfare and to continue the experimentation of these viruses on the civilian population and law enforcement in every country on this earth .   

For many years now,  the "One world military" run by the closeted homosexual White Supremacist military men of science have conducted secret experiments with all sorts of pathogens, viruses on the races that they consider inferior such as Hispanics, black people, Asians,  and other ethnic groups, such as people from the Middle East, Pacific Islanders, people who live in the Caribbean Islands, and on the other Islands on this earth.  These ignorant white supremacist military men of science and their One World Military regime know that keeping people sick is the easiest way to control the vulnerable populations of the world, making and keeping people sick is a easy way for this military people to oppress, to control  the vulnerable population  and to make money off of them. These Ignorant closeted homosexual White Supremacist people have utilize the research that they gather from experimenting on the inferior races  to make their own Caucasian race sick, and heavily addicted to prescription drugs and very expensive medical treatments.  Their latest mass genocide was the  release of the biological weapon covid-19 virus and the very successful vaccination campaign that was forced on the world's people. 

The current situation with the bio labs in Africa, is a very sad situation and it is very similar to the horrific Trans Atlantic Slave Trade that started centuries ago on regions of West Africa, where the  African Military people sold their own brothers and sisters , the African women, men, and children  to the extremely ignorant Closeted homosexual White Supremacist thugs from the West who were absolutely sure that the Law of Cause and Effect is a myth .  The current African Military personnel and it's intelligence community have a direct involvement in the creation and experimentation and use of biological warfare on their own brothers and sisters the  people of the continent of Africa. The technology that exist as well as the Intelligence community that works for the "One World Military Regime that includes the African military Regime,  know everything that involves the management of this civilization, they know,  who, is conducting experiments to what group of people and where, and why. These intelligence people know everything that involves any kind of weapon that has been develop on this earth. 

This cruel disregard for the value life and the horrible and painful treatment of all living entities by the "One World Military and their scientists!" Must Stop Right Now! The only reason why souls incarnate here is to bind themselves to their creator Lord Sri Krsna and to leave this world that was created as a prison, for all living entities that commit terrible crimes against the laws of god when misusing  free choice crimes such as : Violence against women,  gang raping women and little girls, forcing women and children to be raped by making them have illicit sex "rape", forcing them to become breeders of parasitic children that are born out of unwanted forced pregnancies, for experimenting with viruses and  experimenting with genetics with other living entities on other material planets, including this earth. and the list goes on...

 Any living entity from any material planet or universe that inflicts pain and suffering on other living entities is held accountable for their actions, when their souls leaves the body or form that it occupies,  because the law of cause and effect is in place in all material universes. No matter how advance the race.  Any living entity that hurts other living  entities with knowledge and sufficient intelligence to know right from wrong,  will be held accountable for for any form of crimes that it commits against their own brothers and sisters.  All races from all Universes and planets are all parts and parcels of the Lord. We are all his divine children!

 The goal of all souls that land here on this earth is to bind themselves to Lord Sri Krsna and to never "ever" make the same mistakes that caused all of us to be imprisoned in the cycle of reincarnation and to return to the spiritual sky where our eternal home planets exists and to never return to any material universe where the Law reincarnation and the law of cause and effect are  in place as a punishment for committing crimes against the laws of god.  

Just like there are innumerable material universes, there are innumerable universes and planets in the spiritual sky, where our blessed Lord lives,  where the law of reincarnation does not exist, and once we get there, our life continues to unfold and our learning continues under the loving divine care of our eternal parents our eternal family and friends. There is no reason why anyone should be forced to become a human parasite that is simply programmed to inflict horrible pain on other living entities, All the souls of human beings of all races do not have to devolve when their body dies,  into the lower bodies of pests,  monkeys, cows, and other. All human beings of all races can evolve into an intelligent peaceful inter stellar race that does not have to suffer ever again nor watch others suffer. We are not here to hurt anyone or anything! We have to do our best to obey god's universal laws even if it kills us. All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Guranga All glories to Srila Prabhupada!